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Happy 2012!

I hope everyone made it safely into the new year. I myself am glad for the arrival of 2012. I look forward to a trip to Chicago, a list of “maybe” destinations (Las Vegas, Seattle, England), one of my good friend’s weddings, and graduating college. I do expect this to be a big year for me. Because of that, I would like to talk about something important to me: health.

I’ve been slacking majorly in this area lately, but I’ve been through dozens of attempts since I was ten years old to lose weight and get healthy. It took about a decade for me to realize that I’ve been doing it wrong. When I started working at my job, I finally received the wake-up call I needed. Health isn’t just about losing weight.

True health can be obtained by not only eating healthy and exercising, but also by sleeping right, managing stress, and supplementing with vitamins and minerals that the body cannot get on its own or from today’s foods.

I attempted the above a few times since accepting the above reality, but it didn’t stick. Why? In my opinion, it was because I didn’t look for support. I’ve always done this on my own, and I’ve always failed. I’d lose weight, sure, but I would gain it all back and then some.

Instead of trying it on my own this time, I joined a website the other day called My Fitness Pal. Don’t let me tell you that this is the best site out there, because honestly a friend said I should try it and I said okay. I love the site so far. Being able to scan products to enter my daily food intake is awesome. I haven’t had time to look around for support buddies, but that’s the next step.

Snape is my life coach.

I hope to have another post up soon, but that’s all for now. I’m sure I’ll update my blogging friends on my progress as I go along. It’s going to be a long journey, but I have the tools and means to do it. One day at a time.


Have you ever joined a website like My Fitness Pal?
Any New Years resolutions?

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Happy Thursday, folks! Today was one of those “positive energy” days for me. Work went swimmingly, as it tends to. Went across the street for lunch today at a delicious coffee shop with my lunch mates (Jem & Kelsey). Grilled cheese panini is where it’s at, just saying. After work I met up with my step-brother for a plate of fabulous Hu Hot. Good times were had by all.

I don’t have much else, so I’m just going to jump into it.

Day 02 – Where you’d like to be in 10 years.

This could mean physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, somethingally…the list goes on and on. For me, it’s a combination of five different aspects. I’ll lay them out in an organized manner, because I deal with spreadsheets often at work in such a way, and because I need to make up for the current lack of organization in my apartment. (Side note to mother: Yes, I did finally do the dishes. No, I haven’t done anything else.)

1. Location

The idea that I have no idea where I will be living in a decade excites and terrifies me at the same time. Sure, I could live in Fargo for the rest of my life…if I got to travel every couple months. Sure, I could be happy here forever…but I crave another step, a more permanent step. However, I need to be honest and say that it is neither my dream nor my intention to remain in “NoDak” for the rest of my life. Of course I must have some idea of where I want to live. And not just some idea, but three ideas. Yes, here it comes, another list…this time in structured, alphabetical order. You’re welcome.

1. Chicago

I first visited Chicago in the summer of 2009. It was a grand adventure, to say the least, but at the time I had no intentions of ever wanting to live there. Insert February, 2011: I couldn’t get enough. I don’t know what it was in the couple years that changed my mind, but after going twice I realized that I could see myself living there. Perhaps it’s because of my love affair for the downtown area, or maybe it’s a reason I have yet to discover, but I simply adore Chicago. It has a lot of art to it, which I love, and the scenery and culture are simply divine. And the people are friendly, which can be rare for a big city.

2. London

Peter Pan is not the only treasure in lovely London. It is home of many things that I love, particularly British people. Biased because of their accents, you say? Yes, yes I am. But also having been there, I can safely say that London is most definitely on the list. I would really enjoy living in Bath because of its life and visual, but London would be of greater opportunity. If there was to be a British version of the New York publishing lifestyle, it would be London. Every section of the city have their own unique qualities. I also often pretend I’m English, so there is that as well.

3. Seattle

My love. My life. Seattle. Honestly, this city is the place I’ve wanted to live in more than anywhere else. I went there three summers in a row starting when I was twelve, and I went again last Thanksgiving to visit one of my best friends. I can’t get enough of this place. You know how there are cities that you really like for what they are, and then there are the cities where you know you belong? Seattle is the latter. I don’t want to discredit the other two places, but this one is the cake. It is also one of the top ten literature-friendly cities in the country. I would love waking up next to the water in an apartment by Pike Place. To me, that would be living.

2. Career

The three cities above all fit into where I would like to go career-wise in my life. For someone who has a blog with the words “Read” and “Write” in it, it could be assumed that I just might be interested in such things. Yes, I want to work in publishing. Even more than that, I want to publish books with my name on them. We live in an ever-changing world, and some times it’s hard to keep up.

Enter reality check #1: Publishing is an extremely difficult field to get into.
I can’t tell you how often I hear and say that statement. It really is difficult, but it’s also doable. I mean, people are still getting these jobs, right? It seems like you need to be in the right place at the right time, but it’s still realistic. I don’t expect that my dream job will ever exist in Fargo (part of the reason for moving), but it’s out there, and it’s in publishing. I’m not expecting Random House, Penguin or Bloomsbury to ring me and express their overwhelming excitement to work with me. I could work anywhere as long as it deals with books, particularly fiction books. As for position, I’m talking Editor. It doesn’t have to be top Editor, but something Editor. I’m flexible.

Enter reality check #2: It is even more difficult to become a successful published author.
When I say successful, I don’t mean J.K. Rowling or Stephen King. I mean Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. Okay, kidding. I mean Jenna Miller, actually. You know, the one writing this thing. I don’t need to make millions of dollars on a book. What I want is to be able to create another world, though still remain in realm of realistic fiction. I love the feeling I get from reading, the feeling that I can escape into something for a little while and come out feeling wiser for it. I want to help provide other people with that same feeling. I’ve started a few novels in my time, and one day I will finish them. When that day comes, I hope to see them show up on bookstore shelves soon after. That happening in the next ten years would be amazing, but I’ll survive if it takes a little longer than that.

3. Family

No matter what happens in my life, I know that I will always have my family, so let blood relatives be implied already. What I’m talking about is the family I get on my own. Close friendships are like family to me. And despite what I wrote yesterday, this could also mean a relationship, possibly the “dreaded” M word – Marriage, silly, not Muggle. Also, I do hope to have a child, possibly even two or three, in the future. This could be ten or even fifteen years from now. I’d like to be settled in a career before I have a child. Not only would I like to have enough money to properly care for a child, but I would also like to be settled and comfortable before bring life into the world. And with me as a mum, he/she would need something comfortable.

4. Health

This is a big one for me. Huge, actually. To be blunt, I’ve been unhealthy almost my entire life. I’ve had my positive moments, but even when going through diets off and on in my teen years I wasn’t working through all of the essential areas of health. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my life is that healthy is not about looking thin. Some people measure health in pounds, and I simply refuse to do it, as would any person who is truly healthy.

The main aspects that need to be addressed in health are getting enough sleep, managing stress, eating the right foods in the right portions, and exercising. You don’t need to be a machine to be healthy. You don’t need to be “skinny” to be healthy. Excess fat damages the body, yes, but so does smoking (also a big no-no in my opinion). What it comes down to is that people need to learn how to manage their lives in a safe and healthy way. You don’t need prescription medication for every problem you have. Food is the best medicine a person can consume. Vitamins, minerals and other natural supplements also come into play here, but proper diet is number one.

I will recognize the things I’m already doing to be healthy. I’ve never taken a regular prescription in my life. I don’t smoke. I don’t do drugs. I drink little for someone my age, and when I do drink it’s usually a glass of wine. Again, it’s not all about how you look. These few things are a start. If you feel like your looking a certain way is disgusting, just think of what you’re doing now to be healthy, even if it’s something small. Small steps go a long way.

I don’t want to get too far into this because I could write a lot (thank you, natural health industry job), but you can expect a post dedicated to health one day…when I get to it. I’ll end with this: My health is something that I’ve been paying much more attention to since starting my current job three years ago. I haven’t gotten far with it just yet, but I’ve learned enough now where I know how to do what I need to do. There’s no time like the present.

5. Happiness

How does one measure happiness? It’s one of those words that has a unique definition to everyone who uses it. For me, it’s be existing in a place where I am safe and healthy. It’s having great people surrounding me, whether that be friends, family, coworkers, or even the smiling baristas at Starbucks. It’s not dwelling on the negatives, thinking about what I haven’t done, or being afraid of the future. It’s knowing that I’ve lived a great life and will continue to do so. It’s everything, really.

To Summarize:
Day 2 – Where you’d like to be in 10 years.

I would like to be living in either Chicago, London or Seattle.
I would like to be an Editor and/or published author.
I would like to be the kind of person who has a family of her own, whether that mean friends, spouse, children, a combination of the three, or all three.
I would like to be healthy.
I would like to continue to be happy.


Where would you like to be in 10 years?

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