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Happy 2012!

I hope everyone made it safely into the new year. I myself am glad for the arrival of 2012. I look forward to a trip to Chicago, a list of “maybe” destinations (Las Vegas, Seattle, England), one of my good friend’s weddings, and graduating college. I do expect this to be a big year for me. Because of that, I would like to talk about something important to me: health.

I’ve been slacking majorly in this area lately, but I’ve been through dozens of attempts since I was ten years old to lose weight and get healthy. It took about a decade for me to realize that I’ve been doing it wrong. When I started working at my job, I finally received the wake-up call I needed. Health isn’t just about losing weight.

True health can be obtained by not only eating healthy and exercising, but also by sleeping right, managing stress, and supplementing with vitamins and minerals that the body cannot get on its own or from today’s foods.

I attempted the above a few times since accepting the above reality, but it didn’t stick. Why? In my opinion, it was because I didn’t look for support. I’ve always done this on my own, and I’ve always failed. I’d lose weight, sure, but I would gain it all back and then some.

Instead of trying it on my own this time, I joined a website the other day called My Fitness Pal. Don’t let me tell you that this is the best site out there, because honestly a friend said I should try it and I said okay. I love the site so far. Being able to scan products to enter my daily food intake is awesome. I haven’t had time to look around for support buddies, but that’s the next step.

Snape is my life coach.

I hope to have another post up soon, but that’s all for now. I’m sure I’ll update my blogging friends on my progress as I go along. It’s going to be a long journey, but I have the tools and means to do it. One day at a time.


Have you ever joined a website like My Fitness Pal?
Any New Years resolutions?


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