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Au Revoir, Blog!

I started Read, Write & Live two years ago on my birthday, July 18. I had come from a rather pathetic attempt at blogging on Blogspot. While this blog didn’t churn out as many posts as I had planned, I can assure you it was a step ahead of the first blog. After much consideration, I have decided to end this journey. Before anyone gets too sad, let me remind you all of what Dumbledore said to Hagrid when bringing Harry to Number 4, Private Drive…

“There, there, Hagrid. It’s not goodbye, after all.”

Okay, I’m not Dumbledore, and certainly nowhere close to JK Rowling, but as stated above, this is not goodbye.

I have started a new blog in the hopes of sharing book reviews and writing more in general. I don’t have much else to say on this blog, so please check out the new one: Lost Generation Reader.

It’s been real, and it’s been great, and it’s been really great. I look forward to hearing from you at the new blog.



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